4 benefits of using jamaican black castor oil in your hair

by Leila Causey April 15, 2019

Black Castor Oil For Longer and Stronger Hair Growth: Castor oil is a known growth oil. Not only does it promote faster hair growth, but it thickens your hair as well. Who wouldn’t want that? Women who have thinning hair, desire thick hair or want their hair to grow should use this oil. I’m sure you have been allured by all the before and after pictures that are floating around social media. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the only castor oil that you should use because the soot is still left the oil. The soot is rich in minerals that our hair loves. In addition, it gives the oil its burnt smell as well as dark brown colour.


Here are 4 benefits of using castor oil in your hair:

Encourages Your Hair To Grow: If you start oiling your scalp with castor oil and massaging it in on a consistent basis you will see results within a short time. The oil is filled with valuable nutrients that are hair follicles need in order to grow more hair. In addition, the massage will increase blood flow which promotes hair growth. It is not only used to grow the hair on your scalp but your eyebrows and eyelashes as well.

Increases The Thickness Of Your Hair: These days we are all looking for thick or voluminous hair after a style. We will fluff and puff till our hair reaches the desired volume we crave. However, you can get that will castor oil. Castor oil contains the protein needed to increase the protective layer around your hair strands. The protective layer is there to withstand against heat, the environment and even sever manipulation. Therefore, it will make your hair stronger.


Enhances The Natural Sheen Of Your Hair – Once your hair is coated in the castor oil on a consistent basis you will see major improvements such as shiny hair. The oil is rich in minerals vitamin C that will enhance the natural lustre of your hair. Please note naturalistas that it will not give you shine, it will emphasize what you already have.


Restores The Health Of Weak or Damaged Hair – It provides growth, thickness as well as restoring the health of your hair. How? Because the oil is 100% organic. It is free of parabens, sulfates and petroleum. It is manufactured the old way with the soot remnants still in the oil. The soot is very rich in minerals that our hair needs to keep it nourished. Ensure to do hot oil treatments with castor oil the night before wash day on a weekly basis. It will give your hair the overall glow it wants.


Using castor oil consistently in your hair regimen will nourish your hair. If you don’t like the smell of castor oil then you can mix it with other oils. This will hide the smell as well as reduce the thickness of the oil. This doesn’t take away from the benefits but will add to it because of the other oil. Mixing your hair products with castor oil can even boost up the effectiveness of it. Head to the store right now to purchase a bottle!

Leila Causey
Leila Causey