4 phenominal ways Goji Berries can make your hair grow

by Leila Causey April 17, 2019

Goji Berry Extract


Oriental medicine has given us thousands of remedies, techniques, herbs, fruits, and foods that have been incorporated into kitchens and aesthetic products to obtain the multiple benefits they have.


This is the case of Goji berries or also known as "Cherries of Tibet" are red fruits with great millenary properties. This food is very rich in fiber and antioxidants (carotenes such as lycopene or lutein, vitamin C and E, and minerals such as magnesium), which helps to prevent the processes related to oxidation. For this reason and its complete nutritional content, Goji berries are frequently included in the category of so-called "superfoods" and for a few years, they have been incorporated into the meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle thanks to the wonderful Properties that have benefits for health and aesthetics.


The properties of goji berries provide benefits on the inside and outside of the body and thanks to this are highly recommended to be very beneficial to maintain a radiant, strong and healthy hair!


Properties of goji berries


The ancient knowledge and techniques of oriental medicine have been adopted by Western cultures to have a healthy life and feel full of vitality.


Likewise, the oriental culture implements in its food the goji berries to show off beautiful hair. Among its properties:


  1. Hair loss is the common factor of most men and women but many do not realize that it may be causing that problem. With the consumption or direct application of goji berries through products, you can control stress levels, improve sleep at night to have a good night's sleep and help to have energy throughout the day. All these factors help to have a healthy mental and physical balance that allows you to control your hair loss! The less stress you have, the greater amount of hair you will have.


  1. They are powerful antioxidants so they help eliminate free radicals and in that way can delay cell aging, resulting in a stronger and softer hair.


  1. They help to have good circulation and oxygenation. To maintain a healthy scalp it is important to have adequate blood circulation and oxygen supply to the hair tissue, in this way, it will help the proliferation and growth of the hair follicles generating a stronger and healthier hair.


  1. Excessive hair loss is also caused by the consumption of fatty foods, high consumption of salt and processed foods. Therefore, you must consume goji berries in your daily life to help detoxify your body, specifically the liver that is the body responsible for eliminating what our body no longer needs. Therefore, when the liver is sick, hair loss is very abundant and noticeable.


Benefits of goji berries extract for your hair


The effects of the goji berries can be improved if in addition to consuming the fruit we apply it directly to our scalp.


In this way, the benefits of hair products that are natural and made with the extract of goji berries bring health and life to your scalp and hair:


  • Goji berries help regenerate dull and battered hair. It is common for women to use a lot of chemicals, hair straighteners and dryers that will eventually be harmful and our hair will be damaged, so I recommend using a natural product that contains goji berries extract so you can Give back the shine to your hair and also increase the thickness, softness, and strength of the hair.


  • Because it is a fruit rich in antioxidants, it is recommended for all those women (and men as well) who want to show off an abundant hair with a unique shine.


  • Helps maintain the color of hair dyed. The luminosity and color of your beautiful hair dye will remain intact with the use of goji berry extract.


  • You can use presentations in shampoo, conditioner or hair mask to have a direct and powerful effect of the fabulous goji berries extract from the scalp to the tips!


This superfood is and will continue to be a pioneer in providing multiple benefits to you and your health. Consume this millenary fruit daily and apply it daily to your scalp and hair and you will notice the change, you will feel and look much better!

Leila Causey
Leila Causey