4 Terrific reason to use Tea Tree Oil for hair growth

by Leila Causey April 15, 2019

The Best Essential Oil For Hair Growth:

Tea Tree Oil is the best essential oil for hair growth. It is also known as melaleuca oil and is extracted from the tea tree, hence the name. Tea tree oil has been used in the past to cure ailments such as burns, cuts, infections and even athletes feet! In addition, it can be used to speed up your hair growth. Isn’t that what we all want?

If you doubt the effectiveness of this superb oil, here are 4 reasons that will encourage you to go buy a bottle today:

1 – Hair Growth – Your hair growth could be inhibited due to clogged hair follicles. Guess which oil aids in unclogging your hair follicles? Tea-tree! Once your follicles are unclogged then it can breathe properly. Therefore, your scalp is able to function effectively to produce more hair. In addition, your scalp will be producing the sebum needed to nourish the new growth with the moisture and protein that it needs. To see true results, you would have to massage the diluted on your scalp. This will promote blood circulation and nourishment of the scalp.


2 – Hair Thickness – Not only does it promote hair growth, but it promotes hair thickness as well. Once your hair starts growing it will grow in a healthy form. Therefore, your hair strands will be moisturized, thick and getting even longer. In addition, the oil is able to impart its minerals unto the hair strands as well as scalp. This will nourish the hair strands so that they become thicker. Lastly, it will aid in repairing any broken, split or damaged strands in order to restore it to its true form.


3 – Reduces Scalp Inflammation – Along with unclogging your hair follicles so that your hair can breathe, this will aid in reducing scalp inflammation. Scalp inflammation is the leading causes of many of the hair issues we suffer from today such as dandruff, psoriasis and even eczema. It reduces bacterial, fungal and other infections to keep the scalp healthy. Once the oil is applied to the scalp it will “calm” the scalp. Usually, you should feel a tingly experience once it is applied which is the “calming process”. This aids in allowing your scalp to function effectively to reduce as well as prevent these diseases. In addition, it will nourish your roots with the minerals from the oil.

Tea tree oil should be diluted into a carrier oil such as coconut, castor or almond oil before being applied to your scalp. Tea tree is so potent that placing the oil alone on the scalp will result in itching and burns. In addition, a few drops can be placed into your hair products such as your shampoo, conditioner or even deep conditioner. The oil will be just as effective or even more.

Leila Causey
Leila Causey