5 benefits of burying your roots in burdock root oil

by Leila Causey April 17, 2019

Burdock Root For Hair Growth: Burdock oil is extracted from the leaves and roots of the burdock plant also called the Arctium. It is a plant that is native to Europe with large leaves and purple flowers. This plant is used for medicinal purposes for protecting the body from fungi, bacteria and viruses. Also, it is used for makeup, skin, and food. As well as, promoting hair growth! Burdock Oil contains glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, polycatenese and other words that we cannot pronounce. However, we are sure of the power of this oil! It


Here are 5 benefits of burying your roots in burdock root oil:


Strengthens Your Hair – Burdock contains vitamin A. The minerals aid in strengthening your hair shaft. As well as, repairing the broken cuticle layers. This allows the hair to be able to stand up to any form of damage such as heat, over manipulation or even the toxic environment. To get the best benefits you can use the oil as a hot oil treatment on your hair strands.


Improving scalp Health – The oil contains essential fatty acids that support the normal function of the sebaceous glands beneath the scalp. Thus, allowing our scalp to function effectively to nourish the overall health of our curls. In addition, it aids in reducing scalp infections and irritations such as dandruff.


Reduces Premature Graying – Studies have shown that Burdock Oil reduces the oxidative stress on the hair follicles. Thus, reducing premature greying that may occur due to genetics, age or even stress. A scalp massage with burdock root oil a day will keep the greys away.


Hair Growth - We all desire long hair that is touching our butt and this oil can aid you in getting there. The oil offers your scalp the nutrition it needs to flourish. Thus, nourishing your new growth as well as old hairs with the sebum that is produced by it. Sebum contains the nutrients needed to moisture and strengthen your hair.

Hair Loss - This benefits work in conjunction with hair growth. It has been marketed across the world as a hair loss remedy.  Manufacturers even recommend massaging your scalp with the oil 3 times per week on a consistent basis in order to see amazing results.


Burdock oil is used in hair products, specifically shampoos made in Japan. They have harnessed the benefits of it and combined it with a shampoo for maximum results. Not only will your scalp to be cleansed but it will be nourished. You will massage the scalp with the shampoo using your fingers or scalp massagers. The technique will allow blood to flow to the scalp cells beneath the follicles to provide nourishment. Thus, allowing the scalp to do it’s core functions thoroughly. Burdock oil is another oil that you can use within your natural hair regimen to improve the overall health of your hair.

Leila Causey
Leila Causey