5 Great ways that Grape Seed Extact Is Good for Hair Growth

by Leila Causey April 17, 2019

Grape Seed Extract for hair


The grape seed extract for hair has a lot of benefits that can contribute to significantly improve the health of the hair. However, it is interesting to know that the grape oil is not extracted from the grape itself, but from the grape seeds, which are the ones that have the right properties to strengthen the hair.


Grape seed extract is rich in vitamins and sugar, very good for nourishing the skin and hair. It is a natural product that by its antioxidant properties helps to delay the signs of aging but also nourishes and repairs cellular tissues.


Keep reading so you can learn to nourish your hair naturally with grape seed extract.


As I mentioned, the grape is one of the fruits with the most properties for the skin. It is full of antioxidants and ingredients that hydrate and help prevent premature aging. But, did you know that it also brings great benefits to your hair?


You will be surprised to discover that one of the best and most powerful antioxidants for your hair is found in grapes. This fruit brings great benefits to your hair as a nourishing hydration to the scalp and hair strands


Hair, like our skin, is affected by pollution, chemical treatments, constant use of the iron and hair dryer, stress, food, and free radicals. The problem arises because we receive large amounts of free radicals from outside and do not have enough external or internal antioxidants to fight them and keep our bodies healthy and free of them. This is where the grape seed extract comes in. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, grape seed extract eliminates free radicals and protects the hair follicles from cigarette smoke, pesticides, pollution, chemicals and preservatives that we apply to our hair, UV rays from the sun, alcohol and even a bad diet.


These are some of the benefits of Grape Seed Extract:


  1. Deep hydrate


Your hair can be dried by many factors, for example, sun, chlorine and sea salt. The grape extract helps you to recover your hydration because it benefits the water retention, that is to say, to retain the water, avoiding the tips to open, the hair to dry and therefore to become brittle.


Fortunately, there are already shampoos that contain this ingredient. Most shampoos that contain grapeseed oil are natural and are free of sulfates, parabens and can be used by the whole family because regardless of the type of hair.


  1. Stimulates growth


The scalp cells age due to the effect of free radicals and when this aging occurs, the follicles lose the strength they need to make the hair grow. The grapes with their natural antioxidants increase blood circulation, increase oxygenation in the scalp and promote hair growth.


  1. Strengthens fine hair


Especially women have problems with thin and sparse hair. The grape seed extract is perfect to treat this type of hair, as it helps the proper nutrients circulate through the scalp and in this way, hair is made thicker and healthier. Also, since it leaves it softer, it prevents it from getting tangled and breaks easily.


  1. Help eliminate dandruff


The grape seed extract fights seborrheic or capillary dermatitis and improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the scalp, helping to fight dandruff naturally.


  1. Decrease the problems of hair loss


This fruit contains linoleic acid with a high content of vitamin E, as well as vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which improve the shine, hydration and elasticity of the strand of hair. In addition, it helps strengthen the hair follicles, important to increase the adhesion of hair to the scalp and prevent hair loss.

Leila Causey
Leila Causey