5 things your momma did not tell you about consuming carrot oil for hair growth

by Leila Causey April 17, 2019

Carrot Oil:

When you were younger, I am sure you remember your mom telling you to eat your carrots to improve your eyesight? Some of us may have eaten it, others declined or you just throw it away. Well naturalistas, you should be consuming it or using the oil. Not only is it good for eyesight but it is good for your hair.  Carrot oil is derived from the seeds of the carrot plant. It is a gentle oil that will keep your hair healthy.


Here are 5 more reasons your momma did not tell you about consuming carrot, well the oil:


1 ) Stimulates Hair Growth – Carrot oil is a natural source of vitamin A. This aids in stimulating hair growth of new cells. You would coat your scalp with carrot oil. Then, massage it on. The massage will provide blood circulation to produce new cells beneath the scalp follicles to provide it with the nutrients needed to make your hair grow faster. Massaging the scalp into your oil at least twice per week on a consistent basis will increase your hair growth speed.


2 ) Enhances Sheen – We all want our curls to be glowing before, during, and after wash day. Carrot oil boosts the shine that you need. It is a natural source of vitamin E which helps with that. The oil will enhance the natural sheen that your hair already has or lacks, as opposed to giving your hair a fake sheen. Your hair will be glowing from the inside out.


3 ) Reduces Dry Scalp – Carrot oil is a natural oil that can be applied to the scalp to stop your dry scalp because it is high in vitamin A. Once the scalp is coated with oil it will encourage the scalp to produce more sebum. If the scalp is creating more sebum it will stop the dry scalp. In addition, the sebum will moisturise the dry scalp. As well as, nourish the hair with the minerals needed for it to thrive.


4 ) Improves the overall health of your hair – Carrot oil contains beta-carotene which is an antioxidant which allows the body to reach a state of optimal wellness. Your hair usually gets the last of the benefits of the food we consume. If you apply the oil then your hair will be the first to receive and benefit it. It will improve the overall health of your hair by increasing hair growth, enhances sheen, moisturising your hair as well as reducing your dry scalp. We all want healthy and long hair and this oil can help us to get there.


This oil could easily be one of your favourite oils because of the variety of benefits it adds to the overall health of your hair.  Mix the oil in with your other products that you use throughout your hair regimen. It will allow the carrot oil to be coated un your hair shaft o a consistent basis for its work it's magic.


Will you be consuming more carrots or just purchasing the oil?

Leila Causey
Leila Causey